The Global Parts & Logistics Division will apply integration functions in our areas of strength—including our global network, logistics infrastructure, supply-and-demand management, and assembly—and work together with partners that have technological capabilities to change the concepts of production, transportation, and connection to fulfill our responsibilities to future society and achieve sustainable growth.

Besides, we are also focusing on business development and expansion in other various segments by providing equipment and solution such asFull Cell, Doppler Lidars and Industrial fan.


  • Import and commercialize spare parts for automobile and motorcycle production.
  • Concurrently, export products made in Vietnam to international market.

  • Toyota Tsusho has a large network of offices all over the world & Toyota Tsusho Viet Nam remains a part of the global V to V family that is committed to continue providing essential logistic solutions through our integrated efforts and collective strength

  • In addition, we promote CO2 reduction in the field of logistics by working with partners that have digital technologies in areas such as logistics optimization and the development and reuse of packaging materials used in transportation.


SFC Fuel Cell

We are business partnering with SFC Energy AG manufacturer from Germany in providing direct methanol fuel cells to Vietnam market with various sectors:

  • Wind renewable energy
  • Security and surveillance
  • Hydrometeorology

With Fuel Cell, we bring the optimized solution which includes benefits:

  • Reliable & Efficient power generator that can place anywhere, especially in off-grid power area.
  • Autonomous and continuous off-grid power for months without maintenance.
  • A power source which is weather independent.
  • Low operating and maintaining cost.

ZX Lidars

With a business partner Zephir from England, we are providing 03 types of Doppler Lidars in wind measurement industry market:

Industrial fan BAF

Distribute the industrial fan products of Big Ass Fan brand from America, the well-known brand with cutting edge technology in warehouse cooling sector.

Business supply chain


Toyotsu Safety & Automotive Components (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

EMPLOYEES 2,139 (as of September, 2023)
CAPITAL USD 7,280,000
HEAD OFFICE My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park, Thoi Hoa ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province

Vinh Loc A Industrial Park, Binh Chanh District


Automotive Parts (Airbag Cushion and Car Seat Insert)