In Toyota Tsusho Viet Nam Co.,Ltd, we always consider Human Resource is a magic key to open the development of business. We aim to be a company that contributes to the creation of a prosperous society, and we are looking for excellent human resources for that purpose.

As a member of the team, we welcome those who are enthusiastic and willing to take on the challenge, high compliance awareness and high expertise.

You will get opportunity to diversify and accumulating your knowledge, experiences & skills to be the elite talent which help you to adapt with future change & challenge. And also get a chance to achieve work-life balance with our flexible policy.

Toyota Tsusho Vietnam provides the following benefits & welfares for the employees:

● Health Insurance ● Health Insurance for Family
● Flexible Working Hours / Work from Home ● Leave Benefits
● Training / Seminar ● Overseas Secondment / Job Rotation
● Senior reward ● Company trip/End year party