Our division provides consistent support in various industrial fields such as preparation of production facilities, procurement, logistics, installation and after sales.

1. Sales of Machine Tools / Lubricants.

  • We are expanding sales of machine tools which were made in Japan & foreign countries.
  • We are expanding sales of lubricating oils such as cutting oil / grinding oil / rust preventive oil / hydraulic oil.
  • By the synergy of expanding sales of machine tools and lubricants oils together. We bring to customer’s manufacturing the efficiency of production and cost reduction.
  • Major products: Lathe manufactured by Takamatsu Machinery / Lubricant produced by Toyoda Chemical Co.

2. Initiatives for Project.

  • We provide integrated support functions from preparation support, procurement, logistics, installation, and after sales service from Japan / third party countries.
  • We provide thorough on-site and in-kind support to end-users until the completion of delivery.

3. Textile Machinery Initiatives.

Four engineers from Toyota Industries Corporation are employed at our Ho Chi Minh City branch to provide speedy and accurate after sales service.

4. ‘JYOBIHIN’ Business.

Reducing cost and production concentration by one packaged delivery.

* Example of products:
Machinery parts, Electronic tool, Cutting tool, Oil etc…

5. Industrial equipment.

Energy saving.

Air saving unit

Save compressed air

Ultrasonic flow meter

Save compressed air

Insulator / Aero gel

Save power

Maintenance cost reduction.

New Lubrication system for machines

Auto Lubricant unit

Panel Cooling

Electronic components life extension
in a control panel

Air dryer (DEP power dryer)

Water drop for compressed
air removing

Vacuum cleaner

Cleaning wet
dry and dust


Nano bubble generator

Oil cleaner

Recycle oil

Filter for control panel

Man power reduction for filter

High durable line tape

Cost reduction for line
tape at plant


Water treatment device

Productivity increasing.


There is no power spring balancer


Water treatment device

Cap chip for welding

Replace to cheaper products

Soundproof panel

Replace to cheaper products

Wireless power transfer system for AGV

Achieving AGV 24 hour continuous operation
for improving productivity

Spatter cleaner

Automation for cleaning
welding nozzle

Logistic kaizen.

Slider board

Workload reduction for conveyance

Side running conveyor

Cycle time for delivery
can be shorten

Mechanical brake roller

Automatic braking for conveyer

Mechanical brake roller

Automatic braking for conveyer

Electronic equiment

Linear guide / Ball screw

Replace to cheaper products

Sensors / Encoders

Replace to cheaper products


1. Operation of hydropower project in Vietnam

Together with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, we manage and operate Northern Electricity Development and Investment Joint Stock Company No.2 (“NEDI2”), which owns Ngoi Phat hydropower station.

Project Outline of Ngoi Phat Hydro Power Project

Installed Capacity 84MW
Location Ngoi Phat river basin, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam
Off-taker Vietnam Electricity (EVN)
Project Company NEDI2
  • Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation (VINACONEX)
  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC)
  • Individual shareholders

2. Development of renewable power projects in Vietnam

We develop renewable energy projects including but not limited to hydro, wind and solar photovoltaic, which promotes social transformation to decarbonized society.

3. Carbon neutrality

We contribute to our customers to achieve carbon neutrality through various methods.