Chemicals and Electronics Division are responsible for the trading and supply
Chemicals, Plastics for Automotive material, Electronic materials and various industries according to customers’ needs all over the world.

1. Main Products & Services

  • Import raw materials for detergent / hygiene material, Organic / Inorganic chemicals, Polyurethane materials, Packaging material, Automotive resin and Electronic materials.
  • Provide services as a trading house in our supply chain management.
  • Export resource-related products such as yellow phosphorus, gum rosin, natural rubber, etc.
  • We focus on expanding domestic demand. It has accelerated the product development in the downstream field more.
  • Contribute to the solution and growth of social issues in Vietnam with eco-friendly materials.

Chemicals Sector Products

Domestic cleaning detergent

Imported cleaning detergent

Polyurethane materials

Diaper raw materials

Rubber materials

Shoes raw materials

Packaging materials

Plastic Resin

Gum Rosin

Yellow Phosphorus


Plastics Sector Products

Automotive synthetic resin

Airbag Fabrics

Urethane materials

Rubber / materials

Electronic materials
  • Coordinate value chain from supplying cleaning detergent materials / packing materials to production OEM and selling products.
  • With the expansion of the automobile market, material proposals utilizing the Toyota Tsusho Group’s knowledge.

2. Develop Detergent in Vietnam utilizing Toyota Tsusho Cooperation Group’s value chain.
Group’s value chain

  • Developing cleaning products for the Japanese market in Vietnam
    Building a value chain to produce cleaning products of Japanese quality in Vietnam with the supervision of Japanese engineers and manufacturers.
  • ODM/OEM production of Soap and Detergent (liquid and powder type)
    Getting production consignment from FMCG companies and PB (Private Brands) owners.
    We are trusted by Japanese customers in quality and produce processing in Vietnam.

3. Affiliate Companies

Soft Chemical Corporation

Hai Phong City


Manufacturing of LAS (Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate)

Soft Industry Corporation

Hai Phong City


Manufacturing of LAS (Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate)

VS Industry Vietnam Co., Ltd

Bac Ninh Province


Manufacturing of Plastic precision parts molding

Elematec Vietnam Co., Ltd

Ha Noi City


Wholesale of Electronics materials